• Enjoy Ownership

    Our primary goal is for consumers to enjoy their ownership and have great holidays.

  • Supporting our Members

    We support our members in delivering the highest quality experiences and in acting as a kite mark of trust and assurance for consumers.

  • Service Commitment

    RDO members represent the best in European vacation ownership and are committed to high service standards and integrity.

  • Our Values

    • Enforcing strong business ethics.
    • Promoting transparent company practices.
    • Fostering rigorous adherence to legislation.
    • Respecting members, affiliates and consumers
RDO YouTube Promotional Video - benefits of the Timeshare lifestyle

RDO YouTube Promotional Video

RDO has added a new video to the official RDO YouTube channel as part of its ongoing social media drive to educate the public about the benefits of the timeshare lifestyle. In the video, RDO chief executive Paul Gardner-Bougaard highlights the role the Resort Development Organisation plays within the industry as the official trade association …

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RDO’s Chief Executive asks “So Why Join RDO?”

Soul Searching – RDO’s Chief Executive asks “So Why Join RDO?” So why this topic? For the very simple reason it would be pretty amazing if the one or two Finance Managers, Managing Directors, Board Members or one or two senior Executive didn’t ask that question – “Why do we pay this money to RDO?”. …

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RDO’s Enforcement Programme

RDO’s Enforcement Programme As well as promoting vacation ownership to the media and other opinion formers, RDO works with governments and consumer associations around Europe to ensure that the interests of the industry and those of timeshare owners are safeguarded when new laws are introduced. One of its key priorities is to help protect owners …

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